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Protected Woodland

On Bell Glamping is located on 'Verdant' a property that has been owned by our family since the 1930's. Over that time the property has developed and changed and now goes by the name 'Verdant Produce', which is a regenerative – biodynamic farming enterprise.

Almost half of the property is home to the critically endangered Central Hunter Ironbark - Spotted Gum – Grey Box Forest, and habitat for threatened woodland birds including Grey-crowned Babbler and Speckled Warbler. In 2019, almost half of the property became a protected woodland in an effort to ensure habitat for the birds. 


Along side this conservation agreement, we practice holistic farming methods through rotational grazing of both cattle and sheep through our 100-tree orchard.The farm is run by solar energy and batteries, with the goal of eventually going off grid. 

When you stay you will see biodynamic and permaculture principles that have been developed over nearly 30 years of management. We encourage you to stroll through the garden, to learn all about what sustainable living looks like. 

Grazing Sheep
Guardian Dogs
One of the farm dams
Grazing cattle
Peach blossoms
Enjoy fresh oranges juice
free range chickens
newly born calf
sugar plums
enjoy farm fresh figs
Juicy blood plums
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